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A Moment (working title)

Posted on Thu Oct 8th, 2020 @ 2:18pm by Lieutenant Mackenzie 'Mac' Graham & Lieutenant Ben Sheppard

Mission: State of the Union
Location: to be determined
Timeline: After the Arrival at DS9


Mackenzie hummed softly as she walked around the inner lab inside Sickbay. She was checking over the results of an experiment and taking careful sips from a large mug of hot chocolate with peppermint pieces in it.

Ben Sheppard walked into the Ganymede's Sickbay, a slight frown across his dour features. To his callused eye it all looked too clean and sterile, factory fresh and untested. He stiffled a curse as he nearly tripped over the outstretched legs of a technichian who was arse-deep in an open jeffreys tube.

Ben looked over at the short woman with the shock of red heair who looked far too young to be the ship's CMO. Though he handed her his security sealed medical file on a small PADD anyhow. He knew, if she was the CMO, her thumbprint would unlock the datafile it contained.

"Lt Ben Sheppard" he introduced himself, propping himself on the edge of a medical couch. "Been 'requested' to report for a medical check up" Ben explained gruffly. "What do you need to know?"

Mac accepted the offered PaDD. She looked up at him, his frame at a glance was around five nine or ten. For an older guy from the shoulder length gray hair, salt and pepper beard, he looked in very good shape. His eyes were a pale gray-blue that some called light hazel but others didn't. She offered him a cheeky grin as she pressed her thumb on the PaDD he'd presented. At it's beep of confirmation of her being whom she was supposed to be, she raised a ginger hued eyebrow slightly. "Welcome aboard the Ganymede, Lieutenant Sheppard, I can read over your file in a moment. If you don't have any present injuries feel free to take a seat and get some coffee if you want?" She added with a nod towards the thermos of coffee that was for anyone who wanted it.

"Thanks, though I'm good" Sheppard replied having had a coffee with the CO an hour ago. "No injuries... except for old age and an eroded sense of humour"

Mackenzie smiled cheekily, "Well humor changes as much as anything else, I am Mackenzie though you're welcome to call me Mac if you wish, or Doctor as you decide." She said as she started reading over his docket, it was quite detailed, he was apparently much older than he appeared.

"Okay, Mac... if you don't mind" Sheppard replied At least it would be easier to remember he thought with a smile. "If you have read my dossier you'll know that I'm older than the average bear..." though, as soon a he said it, he thought she wouldn't know the reference to an old TV show and his smile faded.

"My last full medical was two years ago and, apart from some shrapnel I received on Tallos V, no other ailments to report doctor". Absent mindedly Ben rubbed his elbow where he'd been wounded though, now, not even a scar remained. Only the fading memory of pain and recovery.

"Ah well there's no picnic basket to be swiped today, just some coffee and maybe some peppermint pieces hidden somewhere." She made notes of his previous injuries, "Do you have issues with phantom pain or anything?" She needed to know in case he needed to speak with a counselor.


After the completion of Sheppard's physical, Mac updated his file and sent him off with a cheekily playful grin. "See you around the ship


Mackenzie Mac Graham

Ben Sheppard


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