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Duty Calls

Posted on Wed Oct 7th, 2020 @ 12:25pm by Lieutenant Donovan Steele

Mission: State of the Union
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: present



LT Steele was as his post on the bridge. He had been working to modify the sensor grid from his station. He got a call from the chef.

=/\= Cooke to Steele. =/\=

=/\= Steele here. =/\=

=/\= Could you please help me with some power distribution issues in the Mell Hall? Some of my cooktops are not getting the proper power supply. =/\=

=/\= Sure, I will come see about it in a few minutes. =/\=

=/\= Thank you, Cooke out. =/\=

After a few minutes and a quick report of the power distribution in the area around the Mess Hall, Steele headed to investigate the Mess Hall.

-Mess Hall-

The doors opened to the Mess and Steele found eight crew in there having a snack and conversations. He headed to the galley and saw Cooke there attempting to contain a small pot from overboiling.

"Hello, I am here to look into your power distribution issue." Steele stated.

"Great, one moment." Cooke replied as he reached for another pot that he could pour the first into. "Okay, now I can show you what I need."

"Great. I will see what can be done to help you." Steele replied. As Steele stood there and watched Cooke move some cooking vessels, he picked up on Cooke's mind bouncing around with sexual imagery and thoughts.

"So this cook top will never heat hot enough for cooking while this one over here will never be cool enough to cook one without burning almost everything. Then I have two burner stations that always smell like they are burning too hot but yet it takes twice as long as normal for water to boil and then when it does boil it is almost to the point to evaporate." Cooke replied and worked in glances at Steele while pointing out the issues.

"Well, I did a report of the power distribution on this deck. There are times the power is prioritized to other stations but I think we can work in some alternate power support for the Mess Hall." Steele replied. "First, I can temporarily route some secondary power relays to the mess hall and then once I have a free team, will get someone to tend to the permanent power supply changes to make the Mess Hall more the way you need it." Steele then looked at Cooke.

"Great, I think you deserve a break." Cooke said as he slid his hand down his own chest.

Steele picked up on the thought Cooke had as he slid his hand. He was touched to have someone think that way, but he was on duty and could not act upon it.

"Great, I will just use the Jeffries tube here to put the secondary power relays in the right alignment for you and then you will be set." Steele then stepped passed Cooke and then popped the hatch on the Jeffries Tube. He knelt down to enter the tube and felt Cooke's thoughts shift to his rear. Cooke was admiring Steele's rear as he entered the Jeffries Tube.

Once inside the tube, he shut the hatch and could still sense Cooke's slightly inappropriate thought about actions he was curious about. Steele got to work so he could get back to the bridge and focus on other items.

After a few minutes, the secondary power relays were aligned to help the Mess Hall be up to par for the Chef. Steele then exited the Jeffries Tube via a different hatch and headed back to the bridge.

=/\= Steele to Cooke, your power supply should be steady for now and a team will work in the permanent changes as soon as it is feasible. Steele out. =/\=

=/\= Great, I appreciate your assistance and come by for a snack anytime. Cooke out. =/\=

Steele got back to his reports at his bridge station.

- OFF -


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