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Optional tact (working title)

Posted on Sun Sep 27th, 2020 @ 7:22pm by Lieutenant Mackenzie 'Mac' Graham & Sunak

Mission: State of the Union
Location: Forward Observation Lounge
Timeline: To be determined


Mackenzie was reading over the rest of the crew files, the CDO was a real character as in a holographic program. She wondered why he wasn't given a mobile emitter so he could be independent of the Holo emitters. She also found herself wondering if the AI of the Captain had any interaction with him or not. Instead of asking the Captain's AI to call the CDO she debated about how to go about it without pissing off the program. She tapped her fingers on her PADD in random patterns as she thought finally she made a decision and hoped she wasn't offending him.

The light shimmered in the Forward Observation Lounge as a figure appeared to take form out of the very air itself. After a moment the form solidified to that of the CDO Sunak, for all appearances a tall dignified male Vulcan.

"What is the..." Sunak muttered though his attention was drawn to the floor-to-ceiling view screen of the Lounge. Outside a myriad of stars brightened the dark heavens, with a few slow moving motes of light that were distant ships or atificial sattalites of the Bajoran system.

"Ah, beautiful." the CDO muttered to himself though, as he turned he became aware that he was not alone.

Mackenzie offered up a cheeky grin her light copper brown eye and emerald green eye bright with curiosity. "My name is Mackenzie Graham, I am the CMO for the Ganymede, I hope you'll forgive the summons here but I have some questions for you."

"Ah, Ms Graham our illustrious CMO" Sunak began, his deep resonating voice echoing about the Observation Lounge. "One benefit, methinks, of being holographic is the complete access to the ships systems and, therefore, bypassing the tedium of having to 'remember' everyones name. Though, for future reference, I also have complete control of my program access and functionality and, therefore, do not require to be 'summoned' as such"

Mackenzie grinned cheekily at him, "Yes that is one advantage you might have." She had the feeling he was being a wise acre but she wouldn't put latinum on it yet.

"You mentioned questions earlier" Sunak said. "How may a humble CDH assist you?" he asked in a somehwat less the humble tone.

Mac nodded, "I was mostly concerned about your program and how you or others make sure that you don't get harmed by viruses or program degregation or hacking to be certain that no harm comes to you or our crew?" She wasn't personally skilled with holographic programing but she could and would read up on it if it was required to ensure his stability.

"I am both independent yet integral to the ships AI processing systems and, therefore, shielded by the ships own anti-viral shielding. On away missions my main program is both saved here and projected to my mobile emitter..." Sunak paused as, he relaised, he may be gettting over technical though he mentally shrugged. "On return the experiences and knowledge is transferred back to the main program following a full diagnostic and sweep for bugs and any invasive malware and suchlike."

Mac nodded her head softly as he spoke and explained. She definitely had a lot of things to consider when working with this one.

"To be sure, with no offence intended, I believe any issues would be more suitable to be fielded by the Ganymedes science and engineering departments rather than by the ships medical facilities?"

"No offense taken, I haven't worked with a holographic person before and I figured it best to see what I might need to prepare for, yes ideally an engineer or science officer is best choice for any issues that might arise.
I figured speaking with you to get an idea of whom you are, and how I might be able to help if needed." Mackenzie replied with a grin.


Mackenzie Mac Graham



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