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Flight or light? (Working Title)

Posted on Thu Oct 8th, 2020 @ 2:21pm by Lieutenant Mackenzie 'Mac' Graham

Mission: State of the Union
Location: Various
Timeline: To be determined

- Sickbay at 1118 hours -

Mac set aside another PaDD with completed physical details, she glanced at the next one one her list (since the Captain had bowed out because of meetings on the station). She sent a note to remind the Chief Helm officer he was expected around 1345 hours and if he wanted to change it to let her know before she went to lunch at 1210 hours.

- DS9 / Ganymede -

Sutan was walking back onto the Ganymede via the umbilical connection when he felt his PaDD vibrate. Reaching into his back pocket he took out his ‘mini’ PaDD and read the message he had received from Doctor Graham.

“Hmm, now would be a better time.” Sutan frowned as his mind worked through the various permutations, “I’d be able to report to the bridge straight afterwards and not have to worry about this physical.” He put his PaDD back into his pocket and stepped through the final airlock. He was back on the Ganymede.

The Bajoran helm officer decided it wouldn’t be worth sending a message back to the Doctor, as he could be in sickbay in less than 5 minutes from his current position on the ship.

- Sickbay -

Sutan entered the medical area via the automatic doors and looked around. At first he thought sickbay was empty, but the friendly smile of Lieutenant Graham soon welcomed him.

"Good morning am I correct in asking if you are Sutan or is Rogi the name I am supposed to address you by?" Mac asked lightly hoping she wasn't getting off on the wrong foot but it was better to fix mistakes and misunderstanding first than to let it get in the way.


After the completion of the helm officer's physical Mac sent him off with a cheeky grin, "You're cleared and your file is up to date. Don't scratch the paint."


Mackenzie Mac Graham

Sutan Rogi
Helm officer


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