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Sudden Departure

Posted on Thu Oct 8th, 2020 @ 3:16pm by Lieutenant Donovan Steele & Chief Petty Officer Wendall Trypp & Lieutenant Mackenzie 'Mac' Graham & Commander Al'xia Calhoun & ALYX

Mission: State of the Union
Location: Ganymede
Timeline: present


After the one time experience Trypp had with Cooke, he could not imagine being the ship anymore, not that Cooke did anything wrong nor did Trypp.

=/\= Trypp to Cooke =/\=

=/\= Cooke Here =/\=

=/\= I would like to talk with you, where can I find you? =/\= Trypp asked.

=/\= I am in my quarters, feel free to come on by. =/\= Replied Cooke.

=/\= I am on my way. Trypp out. =/\=

Within a few minutes, Trypp was at Cooke's door.

The computer chimed, and Cooke acknowledged.

"I am sorry to do this but I feel I am not being true to myself and you opened a new point of view for me. I wanted to tell you 'Thank You' and I will be resigning and leaving the ship immediately." Trypp stated as he took Cooke's hand in his.

"I am touched deep down." Cooke replied as no one has ever said that to him before.

"I wanted to let you know that I am going to seek employment on Risa. So look me up if you are ever there. I am going to be the new me you made me aware of." Trypp stated and gave Cooke a hug.

"I wish you the best." Cooke responded and ended the hug.

Trypp turned and left to go to his quarters.

When trip got his quarters, he entered a log.

"Computer record log." Trypp ordered of the computer.

"Recording" the computer responded.

"To Captain Dillon and the crew of the USS Ganymede: I am sorry to say that due to some personal developments, I am resigning from Starfleet and leaving the ship immediately. I have already requested a shuttle to meet me to transport me to the nearest starbase so I can set-up my future. I am sorry to leave the ship without a Transporter Officer but there will be new one assigned and in fact that replacement should be on board at the next stop for the Ganymede.

I wish all of you the very best and request that you all enjoy what life has to offer you.

May the Blessings of the Great Bird of the Galaxy be upon you."

"Computer, end recording and sent to all on the ship."

"Acknowledged and sent.



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