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Lieutenant Ben Sheppard

Name Ben Sheppard

Position Chief Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 230

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 12st
Hair Color Shoulder length grey,
Eye Color Grey/pale blue
Physical Description Ben Sheppard is a broad shouldered man with a pale, sallow skin with long greying hair and salt and pepper cropped beard. His eyes are a peircing grey/blue from beneath deep cavernous brows. He has a hook of a nose, that is far from straight after being broken numerous times and a thin scar on his chin. `
Due to his history he keeps in good shape via a brutal training regime and is fitter than a many individuals many years younger.


Spouse None
Children Deborah Sheppard (deceased)
Father John H. Sheppard (dec)
Mother Gloria Sheppard
Brother(s) Mason Sheppard (MIA assumed deceased)
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ben Sheppard is a taciturn, tough often grim faced man who rarely smiles. He is a strict, rigid almost humourless person who is a strict follower of the rules and lesser mortals (i.e. junior officers) often flee at his approach.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Sharp intelligence and problem solver.
Pysiclaly fit/tough as old leather.
Excellent knowledge of tactics, warfare and military history.
Very weak telpathic.

Does not suffer fools.
Has little concept/moral compass a bit skew.
Can have fits of rage (especially when drunk)
His point of view can seem, to others, archaic.

Ambitions None
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies: Music: jazz, blues, rock. drinking whiskey, tactical/wargames. Reads alot (usually technical books, historical reference and keeps up with arecheological findings). Paints (though keeps this secret).
Interests: Archeology and lost civilsations both terran and alien.

Personal History Ben Sheppard was one of the original breed of astronauts, born in the early 21st century. An ex-Marine pilot (fixed wing and helicopter) was later a test pilot for sub-orbital and supra-sonic jets.

His life changed forever in 2035 when he was chosen as the solo pilot of the International Dragon four. The first manned flight to orbit Mars as a precursor to the planned landing on Mars and settlement in 2040. The flight was, for everyone, a disaster as the new Bussard-style Ramjets malfunctioned mid-voyage sending Sheppard into deep space, through the Martian trojan points and out towards the asteroid belt.

Dragon Four and Sheppard were written off as lost to humanity following the severance of all comunications and when the vessel vanished from long range sensors and view from the ISP...

Though Sheppard didn't die in the cold darkness of space. He and his damaged craft was taken in by a passing vessel of the Ranoni - an ancient space faring race who happened to be montinoring our solar system at the time.

The Ranoni are gaseous, near formless beings of near pure intellect who, eons ago, devolped consciouness in the upper reaches of a Gas Giant (similar to Jupiter). They are (or were) watchers, observer-scientists with great intellect though little concept of time, and no concept of morals or understanding og "lessser" lower corporeal carbon/water-based lifeforms (as they are more or less immortal).

The Ranoni had studied Earth from deep space for decades, watching Earth and studying the ever growing human output of electronic media. They learnt more by styudying the memory banks of the Dreagon Four. They brought Sheppard back from the brink of death, made slight changes to his body and made casual experiments. By the time Sheppard regained consciouness the Ranoni were hundreds of lightyears from Earth and the Sol system.

Sheppard has few recollections (though occasionally recalled in nightmares) of his travels with the ancient race. Though from what he does remember he speculates that he was useful as a courier/translator between the gaseous Ranoni and the races they watched/met on their travels.

A few centuries later, as the Ranoni had little concept of time, the race decided to sublime into some advanced form on another dimensional plain. Thus Sheppard, of no further value or use, was delivered unceramoniouly to DS3 some 80 years ago.

To the concern of both Sheppard and the medical personnel on DS3 his body had aged little over the many years of his absence. Also his outlook, mental makeup and thought processes were chanaed from the human norm.

Since that time Sheppard has had to be retrained (even to speak as the Rononi had communicated via some form of telepathy). After a few years (although he has not aged, otherwise, he seems physically human) he joined the SF Marine Corp as Segeant then Gunnery Sergeant having been through several years training on human and other races scientific advances over the last couple of centuries. Following numerous campaigns, firefights and other encounters Sheppard had discovered that he is as prone to injury and wounds the same as anyone else - though once these have healed he does not seem to retain scars.
He has since enrolled in SF and advanced to Tactical Officer.
Service Record Born 2005.
US Marine Flight Training 2024 to 26
Advanced Flight USAF/NASA 2026 - 30
NASA/ISA (international Space Authority) 2030 -2035
2035 - Test Pilot ISA Dragon Four Manned Mars Probe
(assumed lost)

8 years SF Marine Corp (Advanced to Gunnery Sergeant) and often has the nickname "Gunny" due to his short hair and appearance.
12 years USS Aphellion - Long Range Survey Vessel
9 years Starbase 143 - Chief of Security
6 years career hiatus to study archeology in Guatamala and Peru.
2 years on an archeological did Hanuman IV.
Returned to Service on USS Thorp as Tactical Officer (4 years)
Recently transferred to USS Ganymede.