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Mirror Askew

Posted on Tue Aug 11th, 2020 @ 11:51pm by Captain Dyllon McMahon & Commodore M'k'm'hn Dy'ln & Commander Al'xia Calhoun

Mission: State of the Union
Location: Hellas Basin Fleetyards, Mars
Timeline: Imperial Timeline

We all know about the Mirror Universe, where Earth gave rise to an evil Terran Empire that cut a swath across the universe, enslaving non-human races. Very close, but not far off, exists another universe, where the Federation still exists, but believes in a skewed version of the Prime Directive. The Imperial Federation, lead by the Senate, wages a war across the stars to bring civilization to all humanoid beings, at the tip of a sword. In this empire, non-humanoids are considered base animals, and are either slaughtered or enslaved.

Location: Mars, in geosynchronous orbit over Hellas Basin Fleetyards

Commodore M'k'm'hn of Dy'ln stood in front of the window in his office looking out over the horizon of Mars. He admired the sword he had sitting on a pedestal near the window, which had once belonged to his grandfather. He remembered the stories his grandfather would tell, about the days before the Imperial Federation. Most of Xenex was covered by desert, and the Xenexian people lived in small villages, while they were forced to work in factories and mines for their Danteri masters. His grandfather was only a boy when the Federation came, and freed Xenex from the Danteri.

Today, though much of Xenex is still desert, widespread terraforming facilities have turned much of the planet into a lush tropical paradise. Great cities dot the planet, with skyscrapers towering in the sky. A trading hub and tourist attraction for the sector, Xenex boasts a diverse humanoid population.

As thanks for uplifting the Xenexian people, Dy'ln's grandfather enlisted in Starfleet, and every male of his family since has been a Starfleet officer. Dy'ln himself had risen to the rank of Commodore, and the position of Commandant of the Advanced Weaponry Division.

Dy'ln ran a white-gloved finger over the base of the sword. As he lifted his finger, he noticed a slight grey tinge. His Edrosian servant had been lax in his duties. He made a note to have him lashed later. It was at that moment that his door chimed.

"Enter," he commanded.

The door opened, and two large men walked in, carrying between them a woman clad in black leather. The two men were Ubermarines, genetically created super soldiers. You could tell in their features that they had a bit of Klingon and Vulcan in them, but beyond that the genome of the Ubermarines was a mystery to all but the Bio-sciences Division. They were similar to the Jem'Hadar that the Dominion had used, though the Ubermarines had easily risen to the task of fighting them. While the Dominion relied on drug addiction (which was easy enough to poison and distribute among their troops), the Ubermarines had loyalty genetically coded into them.

Dy'ln shook his head, "And what do we have here?"

One of the Ubermarines spoke up, "Commandant, we found her snooping around your office!"

"Snooping?" Dy'ln queried.

"I was just on my way to give you my report, Commandant, when these jarheads grabbed me!" Commander Al'xia Calhoun replied, frustrated.

Dy'ln chuckled. "You've got to be the worst spy I've ever met." Dy'ln turned away and waved his hand dismissively, "release her, and leave us."

The two Ubermarines released her arms, and turned to walk out.

"So, what do you have to report, Commander?" Dy'ln asked, not turning to look at her.

Al'xia adjusted her uniform, "I have news of Grand Admiral Bennington's attack on Unimatrix 4"

Dy'ln turned to face her, "Hmm? The command council hasn't released that intelligence yet. How did you come across it?"

"I hear things, Commandant."

Dy'ln pulled a bottle of green liquid out from under his desk, along with two glasses. He pours a bit in each, sliding one across the desk, and taking the other while sitting down. "And?"

Al'xia took the glass and remained standing. "Bennington didn't wait for reinforcements from the 108th like you suggested. He barged in."

Dy'ln took a drink, and arched an eyebrow, "Did he deploy our nano virus? How long did it last?"

"He deployed it. It lasted 47 minutes before they adapted. 17 minutes longer than our projections."

"And?" Dy'ln prodded.

"The virus locked the Queen from transmitting for 47 minutes, but Bennington was unable to break the line. In fact, he had to retreat."

Dy'ln took another drink, and smiled, "The Senate won't like that one bit. All of those deaths, and the Queen was able to transmit away. Nothing gained. I wouldn't be surprised if he was forced to retire immediately."

Al'xia smiled. "That's what I'm thinking."

Dy'ln stood up and walked over to the window. He was now looking down to the dry dock, where a new starship was being constructed. The ship looked in every way like a Titan class starship, however it was painted pure white, with golden accents. Attached to the front of the ship was a massive phaser cannon, and where the Titan normally had a large sensor pod on top, this ship had a full armament of torpedo launchers mounted. Across the front of the ship was painted the name, "IFSS Phobos."

"We've conquered most of the galaxy, but the Borg have been a tough nut to crack. But, they will eventually crack. And when we have achieved all of our goals in this galaxy, the Empire will start to stagnate. Unless we can find a new frontier to conquer. " Dy'ln turned back to Al'xia. "With our new interdimensional drive, I will deliver that new frontier to the Senate. And I will lead the next crusade. Glory to the Senate!" Dy'ln raised his glass.

"Glory to the Senate!" Al'xia replied, and downed her drink.


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