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Controlling the ship

Posted on Fri Jul 31st, 2020 @ 5:53pm by Lieutenant JG Rogi Sutan

Mission: State of the Union
Location: USS Ganymede
Timeline: Pre-launch


Sutan had managed to find his quarters eventually. Located towards the aft of deck four, they weren't exactly the biggest. And he hadn't expected them to be given that he was a junior grade Lieutenant. One rectangular room, a single bed, a couch, a bathroom, and a replicator. No windows, but the computer console on the wall could be set to show a slideshow of different pictures. Sutan had programmed it to show images of his home-world, Bajor. Ashalla, the capital city, was full of wonderful landmarks. Delisa Gardens, Liberty Court, Alavanu Green, and Shikina Monastery were a few of the beautiful places Sutan set the computer screen to show. Once he had an opportunity to unpack his belongings it would feel more like home.

The young Lieutenant made his way through the bowels of the ship, taking in the sights and the sounds of the busy starship. He loved the atmosphere. The dull hum of the engines vibrating through his body. The discipline that could only be found aboard a Starfleet vessel. He really felt at home here already.

Stepping out of the turbolift, he absorbed the main bridge with his senses. It was busy and loud. He stepped down towards the helm and took a seat in the vacant chair. This would be his chair from now on, as Chief Flight Control Officer. He would be in charge of piloting the Luna-class ship on her many adventures. All 1.4 million metric tones of it. A wave of responsibility suddenly washed over him. He'd never helmed a starship equipped with a slipstream drive before. He'd clocked well over 100 hours in the holodeck practising the technology, but there was only so much a holodeck could do. He needed hands on experience, and boy was he going to get some. He brushed his hands over the helm controls lightly and looked up towards the viewscreen, wondering how many adventures he would soon be a part of.

The ready room doors opened and two men stepped onto the bridge in a determined way. One of them went to stand by the tactical console, a Lieutenant. The other took a seat in the command chair; it was Captain McMahon himself. Sutan took a deep breath and got to his feet. He should probably introduce himself to the commanding officer of the ship he would be serving on.

Walking over to the Captain, Sutan spoke slightly louder and clearer than usual. "Captain McMahon, Lieutenant Rogi reporting for duty as Chief Flight Control Officer."

Lieutenant (JG) Rogi Sutan
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Ganymede, NCC-80107


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