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Reporting to Flight Deck

Posted on Fri Jul 31st, 2020 @ 4:55pm by Lieutenant Donovan Steele

Mission: State of the Union
Location: USS Ganymede, various
Timeline: present


Lieutenant Steele had been on the ship for a few hours and had been in his new office to set down a few things. He did not have much as he never really held on to physical possessions.
He had very old sextant and ancient compass he had received from his surrogate grandfather when he joined Starfleet. He put those on his desk and then headed for his quarters.

He entered his quarters and found them barren, which he was expecting. However, there was no furniture either. So he sat his duffel on the floor and decided to head to the flight deck to report as ordered by the captain.

He was already aware of the layout of the ship and knew just how to get to the flight deck. He was also aware of some of the crew having some issues with finding their way.

He was doing all he could to focus his abilities and drown out the thoughts of the crew. He had met a wonderful young woman on Deep Space Nine and she was to be part of this ship's crew, so he focused on her thoughts and that helped him remain focused on his walk to the flight deck.

As he approached the entrance to the flight deck, he knew Dr. Graham was there. However, he hesitated walking directly to her. He was happy to have met her but nervous about any future interactions with her. She opened a part of him that he had not really dealt with before. So seeing her in person again on the ship would be new for him.

This whole assignment was new for him as he was typically and engineer. He apparently the folks at Starfleet felt he would be a good fit as the Chief of Operations on the Ganymede and so he accepted the assignment. If he had not accepted this posting, he would still be on the lunar transport fleet based on Antares.

So he entered the flight deck and hoped he was not late but he had a few moments to spare. He now considered this his official first task as Chief of Operations.

Lieutenant Donovan Steele
Chief Operations Officer
USS Ganymede


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