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Curiosity of Boredom

Posted on Tue Sep 15th, 2020 @ 3:46pm by Chief Petty Officer Wendall Trypp
Edited on on Wed Oct 7th, 2020 @ 1:19pm

Mission: State of the Union
Location: USS Ganymede, various
Timeline: Prime


- Trypp's quarters -

CPO Trypp was bored out of his mind and a bit hungry. So he decided to go to the mess hall for a bite to eat and see if he could find a friend for companionship.

Since he was new to the ship, he did not know many people on board. He was single and setting out on his adventure in Starfleet to see the universe. He was always a curious lad when he was young and now that he has matured he is even more daring.

- Mess Hall -

He walked up to the replicator and could not decide what to eat and he then noticed this blond guy at a counter and so he walked over.

WO Xander Cooke was behind the counter making pancakes for another crewmember. The action of flipping the pancakes caught Trypp's eye and so he took a seat at a bar stool at the counter.

"Hello, I did not know we had the means of freshly prepared meals." Trypp stated to Cooke as he took his seat.

"Hello to you, I am the ship's chef. While I don't cook every meal every day, I do from time to time make meals and snacks for the crew." Cooke replied. "Can I get you something since I am in the kitchen today?"

"Sure." Trypp replied. "I am not sure what I am in the mood for but what is your specialty?"

"Well, I can make just about anything. However, I would say at this time of day and based on what I available, I could whip you up some pancakes, an omelet or a grill Ham and Andorian Cheese sandwich.” Replied Xander. "By the way, the name is Xander Cooke. What's yours?"

"Xander Cooke and you are a chef that is great." Trypp responded. "I am Wendall Trypp, I am the Transporter Chief."

"Nice to meet you, doesn't your name mean something about travelling? And you work as a transporter chief, so you are in a similar boat." Cooke replied.

"I have never had Andorian Cheese." Trypp said. "What makes it different than a regular cheese?"

"Andorian Cheese has a very different taste to it as it is not made from mammalian milk. But it is a gooier melt and does not seem to burn quickly. However, it pairs very well with ham and grilled bread and butter. It makes a filling snack at this time of day." Cooke replied.

"Okay, sounds good, hit me up with one if you would be so kind." Trypp replied and smiled at the chef. "What do you do to keep from going stir crazy when not on duty?"

"Dude, I go to the holodeck as much as I can and hit ol' Earth beaches." Cooke stated as he started the sandwich cooking.

"Well I am feeling bored and was looking to find some company to pass the time. I am not a huge fan of the Holodeck as I rather do the real deal. I am looking for someone to have some fun with if you know what I mean." Trypp said.

As Xander continued to work on the sandwich, he was getting a vibe from Wendall. A vibe that hinted he may be open to some physical fun. "Well, I am sure I can help you out if you are open and willing."

"Well that sounds intriguing." Trypp replied. "Sounds like you have a great program for me to check out on the Holodeck."

"Well, I do have a program that will allow you to explore some exotic locations from around the galaxy and meet some stimulating projections that will help you have the fun you seek. Answered Cooke.

"I just think holodecks are overrated but I will give it a try. I usually don’t back down on a new experience." Trypp replied and then picked up half the sandwich and took a bite.

"Let me take care of suppressing your boredom and we both will work up a sweat and need to refuel afterwards." Cooke stated to Trypp.

Trypp was enjoying the sandwich and the company. "You were right this Andorian cheese is good on this sandwich. I am looking to get really worked up as I am so bored that I am game to try anything once."

"Okay, I will clean up here and then I can meet you at your quarters in fifteen minutes. If that works?" Cooke asked.

"Oh, okay. My quarters in fifteen minutes." Trypp said. "I am very intrigued, so what do I need to wear, anything specific?"

"I would just wear something you don’t mind getting dirty, sweaty or wet. We may do some swimming in addition to what I have planned." Cooke replied with a devilish grin on his face.

Xander continued to clean up and then Trypp headed to his quarters.

- Trypp's Quarters -

Trypp was not sure what to expect as Cooke said he should wear something he could get wet, sweaty and dirty. So maybe some hiking was in store and a swim in a forest or such. Trypp was open to experiencing anything at least once before he would not do anything like it again.

Right on time the door chimed.

"Come in" Trypp stated.

The door opened and there was Xander Cooke, in a simple pair of pants and a t-shirt. "So are you ready?"

"I am ready and willing to give this the ol' Starfleet try." Wendall replied.

"Alright, I have reserved Holodeck 2 and made my program secure so we will not be interrupted.” Cooke said as he stepped to the side to let Trypp out of his quarters.
The two men chatted as they walked the holodeck. Upon arrival Cooke approached the panel. “Computer, Open Holodeck 2 doors and allow Cooke Program Tappa Kappa Omni 3.” The holodeck doors opened and the two men entered.

- Holodeck 2 -

“Okay, I was thinking we would hike some and then end at the beach swimming in the ocean.” Cooke stated.
“I am willing to give this a try but I am not a fan of the holodeck. But as I said I am open to give it a try.” Trypp replied.
The two men started to hike and as the program adapted, the temperature got hotter and the terrain got rougher. The sweat was really soaking into their clothes. Soon Cooke took his shirt off and turned to ask Trypp how he was doing.
“So how are you doing?” Xander asked.
“Wow, it got rough and hot in here.” Trypp replied. “I have never had this sort of holodeck experience. Maybe I have been taking it too easy before.”
“Well, we will start to descend and when we get to the beach, we can go swimming.” Xander stated.
Trypp then saw Cooke start back at the trail. He took his shirt off as well and followed his new friend. The two men had been hiking and sweating for almost two hours. They still had about fifteen more minutes before they made it to beach from how the program was set.
“Wow this really has been a good work out and helped me forget some of my boredom.” Wendall stated.
“Well, I have some companions waiting at the beach, I have replicated several beautiful kabana girls to serve us refreshments once we are done hiking.” Xander added.
“You have really helped me to a point but I need to release.” Wendall added.
“Just wait, it will all be worth it.” Xander responded.
After a few minutes the two men were now at the kabana by the water’s edge. The lovely kabana girls were eager to please. There were four girls, a human, an Andorian, a Bajoran and a Trill all in skimpy bikinis. The guys were now only in their shorts and took a seat in the awaiting lounge chairs. Upon sitting the girls eagerly rushed over to remove their footwear and offer them a cold glass of water to help them rehydrate.
“Do any of these girls appeal to you?” Xander asked of Wendall.
“I am attracted to all four but I am not sure about having that sort of fun with a simulation.” Wendall stated.
“Well, it is not as bad as you think it is.” Xander replied. “But I am willing to help you out as I am open to all. I can give you some satisfaction that will make your boredom go way." Xander then stood up and stepped over to be next to Wendall’s chair.

"Okay, you are getting me curious now." Wendall responded.

"No worries, this will make you feel better." Xander stated. "Just keep your mind open and free."

[[CO Edit: The scene fades to black]]

After the task was done Xander was attentive to Wendall by having the girls get him a glass of water and some grapes and berries.

"Here have a drink of water and some grapes." Xander offered them to Wendall.

"Wow, that was not what I was expecting but I am very curious now." Wendall replied.

"So you seemed to enjoy that. But I know it was your first time with a man doing that for you." Xander stated.
Xander then took off his shorts and ran to the water and jumped in.
Wendall just laid there and reflected upon what just happened. He enjoyed sex with women and yet he was very stimulated by Xander’s willingness.

After a few minutes, Wendall got up and walked out into the water and swam out to where Xander was. “I appreciate your openness and talents. While that was truly an amazing act you did for me, I am still surprised with myself.” Wendall stated. “I have never thought about that before as I have always found the company of a woman as the most stimulating as it can be. But that sort of activity was nice as I guess a guy knows what a guy wants.
As the two guy continued to swim a while, they had to end the fun. The time they shared did create a friendship that was one of respect and love. The bond they shared was not typical of that between friends but Wendall respected Xander and felt like Xander respected him as well. Xander made it clear over and over that he was not expecting any reciprocation in the relationship but let Wendall know that he enjoyed their time together and that he hoped Wendall would be more open minded to sexual activities and explore more with any partner he chooses.

"WOW!" Trypp stated at the end of the experience. "I was not expecting that at all. I had never had a guy get that way with me and I must say it opened my mind to see more out of life."

"That was my purpose. I am not expecting you to be with me or any other guy again but know that your time with me today will open you to experiencing more in all your future physical relationships. However, I do consider you to be a friend and you can reach out to me for anything at any time." Xander replied.

"Well thank you." Trypp added.

Xander exited the water and walked to his clothes to get dressed. "I need to go and start the dinner shift as I am cooking tonight for anyone who does not want to use a replicator. See you around the ship." Cooke stated as he let himself out of the holodeck.

"Thank you and have a good evening." Trypp replied.

Trypp then waded in the water for a few moments and then realized he was due to report for duty in about thirty minutes, so he got dressed to go back to his quarters to get ready.


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