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Steele a Breakfast But Gain a Life of Happiness

Posted on Thu Oct 8th, 2020 @ 4:33pm by Lieutenant Donovan Steele
Edited on on Thu Oct 8th, 2020 @ 4:34pm

Mission: State of the Union
Location: Ganymede
Timeline: Present

- Graham's quarters -

Mac grinned cheekily as she tip toed across the room, and headed to the replicator after a few minutes she came back in the room carrying a tray with pancakes and fruit slices, with syrup, hazelnut spread and whipped cream as choices for topping. She set it down carefully and leaned over to lightly kiss Donovan on the neck just below his left ear, at least that had been her intended target....

Sensing the approach of Mac, Donnie rolled and managed to get his lips in the right line of target to receive the kiss from this amazing woman.

~~ Good Morning, Beautiful. ~~ Steele thought to Mac.

Steele then wrapped his arms around Mac and continued to kiss her as he hoped this was not a dream.

Mac murmured against his mouth, and relaxed into his arms. ~~ Morning to you, I was trying to surprise you with breakfast! ~~ she wiggled against him playfully, ~~ There's food ready but if you want to wait for later that's fine too! ~~ she had not been this happy in a long time. Donovan Steele was an amazing person. Honest, funny, quick witted and so many more qualities she admired. She didn't know what was ahead of them but the current moment she wasn't trading for anything.

~~ I have a hard time completely shutting down my mind so I am typically always aware of everyone's basic thoughts. ~~ Donny thought to Mac as he continued to embrace her in his arms as they kissed. ~~ I have not had this much enjoyment in a long time and it means a lot to me as I have never been this open to anyone. ~~

Mac hmmmed softly against his mouth, ~~I haven't been this open with anyone else before.~~ she snuggled against him, as she settled beside him again. "When you re shift is over today do you want to join me for a walk in the holo-deck?"

"I would be able to do that, I need to get more exercise now that I am seeing someone." Steele replied. ~~ I have never been in a relationship like this before. But you have shown me a whole new world, shining, shimmering and splendid. ~~

Mac snuggled against him, her eyes dancing with mirth and mischief. "A whole new world." she gave him a gentle kiss and sat back, "Breakfast and to work wi' ye I have a lot to settle before we can go walking." she winked playfully at him as she finished speaking.

Donny stole one more passionate embrace and a deep kiss, before he pulled his naked body out of the bed they shared last night. He walked over to the replicator and requested one Betazed Coffee Blend and one large mug of hot chocolate with pepperment bits. He grabbed the two cups and walked back to the bed and offered Mac the hot chocolate.

"Thank you, this is exactly what I was thinking of." Mac said.

He then took a sip of his cup and then slowly bent down to pick up his pants to get dressed. He pulled on his pants and slipped on his shoes. He grabbed the rest of his clothes and his coffee, and turned to head to door. "Parting is such sweet sorrow." He turned his head back to Mac, "Until our walk." and he blew her a kiss, the doors opened and he exited her quarters. He had just enough time to go to his quarters to shower and put on a fresh uniform.

-Steel's Quarters-

Steele was in such a pleasant mood that he walked to his quarter's the whole way with half of his clothes in his hands. He entered his quarters and proceeded to shower and as he was getting his fresh uniform out, it hit him. He needed to depart the ship and take Graham with him. They would go to Betazed and get married and live in the civilian side of things as his family had left him a sum of property where he could live happily for a long time especially with his love.

So he packed his few personal items and headed back to Graham's Quarters.

-Graham's Quarters-

The doors opened and he found Mac still sitting in the bed holding her almost empty mug of hot chocolate.

"What brings you back?" Mac said smiling in pleasure.

"Let's resign and disembark on the shuttle that is approaching to drop off a few new crew members and pick up a couple that are leaving. I know this if very sudden and yet you make me so happy I need nothing else but you in my life. I have some family land on Betazed and we could be happy there with our future children and beyond." Steele ten dropped to his knee and presented a ring that was once his mother's.

"Wow, this is so sudden, but YES!" Mac then literally jumped into Steele's arms and the two kissed.

"Okay, Lets enter our resignations and and I will book seats on the shuttle." Steele replied.

Mac got a quick shower and got dressed, Steele packed up her few belongings and they sat at her computer terminal.

"Computer, Please record a duel log for LT Steele and Dr. Graham." Mac requested of the computer.

"Recording" chimed the computer.

"We, being Dr. Mackenzie Graham and Lt. Donovan Steele, being of sound bodies and minds, both of use have decided to resign from Starfleet and pursue our lives together on Betazed. We are going to get married and we decided that we did not want to wait. We will be departing the ship as soon as possible. We are both very sorry to do this but we need to do this and if we stay it will not be fair to the rest of the crew.

We hope you can understand out reasoning and leave it at that. We are both happy to have met all of you and we wish you nothing but the best on this mission and the future of Ganymede.

'I would like to know that while this was my first posting in the position of Chief of Operations, I am grateful for the opportunity this experience gave me. Without it I would never have met Dr. Mackenzie Graham and realized my true purpose in life.' Steele stated.

We will be not having any formal good byes, but feel free to stop by for a visit if ever in the Betazed sector.

To Captain Dillon, we are so very sorry to abandon you in this time of beginnings, but our beginning together is our ending for our time on the Ganymede. To the rest of the crew, Captain Dillon is a bad ass and he will not steer you wrong. Take good care of the captain and his ship and they will take good care of you. All the best."

"Computer, end recording and sent to all ship's crew." Steele requested.

"Message saved, and transmitted." The computer replied.

- OFF -

LT Donovan Steele
Chief of Operations


LT MacKenzie Graham
Chief Medical Officer


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