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Steele a Dinner

Posted on Wed Aug 19th, 2020 @ 10:43am by Lieutenant Donovan Steele & Lieutenant Mackenzie 'Mac' Graham

Mission: State of the Union
Location: various
Timeline: To be determined

- Sickbay USS Ganymede -

Mac finished up another report and finished compiling the medical files of the personnel, she would start setting up physical appointments over the next few days. She had made certain again of the status and amounts of the medical supplies and her staff's readiness for emergencies.

As she walked out of her office she wondered what Donovan Steele had been up too? She had found her thoughts turning to him more frequently when she wasn't focused on her work. He was nice and had what appeared to be a quirky sense of humor that in her book was a good thing. He was charming and each meeting she got to learn a bit more about him. She had enjoyed the time they had spent touring DS9 together comparing how it had changed from his previous experience there. Mac had also enjoyed the dinner afterwards.

=/\= Graham to Steele would you happen to be free this evening? =/\= Mackenzie figured instead of musing talking to him directly was better.

=/\= Steele here, Doctor, how can I be of assistance? =/\=

=/\= Do you want to join me for dinner tonight? =/\= she replied getting to the point of her call, in case he was in the middle of working on something important.

=/\= That would be acceptable. Where did you have in mind? =/\= Steele responded.

Mac thought it over a moment and grinned as she replied, =/\= Are you willing to let me cook? Or would you prefer a replicated meal in the lounge?=/\=

=/\= You cook? =/\= Steele replied. =/\= I will give that a go, as I am getting stale on replicated meals where every bite tastes exactly the same. =/\=

Mac laughed softly as she replied, =/\= I can cook a few things but I can definitely serve a meal that should be enjoyable. Do you want a steak dinner or would you like something with pasta? =/\=

=/\= I would go for the pasta as that would be a change as I seldom eat pasta alone." =/\= Steele replied.

Mackenzie smiled, even if he could not see it from over the vocal comms. =/\= Sounds good see you around 2000 hours my quarters.=/\=

- Graham's quarters, 1955 hours -

Mac had finished setting the table, with plates silverware and the center piece was a covered dish, ( filled with lasagna she had made in the lounge's kitchen), a basket of garlic bread toast and on the side were Kouign Amann pastries. The glasses held water and there was a second set of empty glasses upside down on the table. She had changed out of her uniform and was wearing a cerulean blue tea cup sleeved blouse and black dress pants, her feet were in beige sandals and her hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

Steele arrived at Graham's quarters and thus signaled he request to enter. Once Graham granted him access, he appeared to her wearing khaki pants and a royal purple shirt, brown loafers without socks and holding a bottle of wine which was a vintage bottle from Chateau Picard.

Mac smiled up at him, "Come on in and make yourself at home." She thought he looked very nice indeed in the purple shirt, khaki pants and his choice of loafers without socks brought out the playfulness in her smile, ~~ That shade of purple looks great on you. Maybe you missed your calling and should be in diplomatic department? ~~ she sent to him with a very playing wink and cheeky grin to show she was just teasing but the first part had been completely honest he looked really good in that shirt.

Steele was caught off guard, as he had never really been on a date or for that matter involved with a female before. He had been used by a couple of girls in the academy and that only made him withdraw from being in group settings outside of work. He was feeling something from within that made him open up to Mac. Something about her made him realize that he needed her in his life. While he sensed her playfulness, he also felt her sincerity in the compliment.

~~ Thank you. ~~ Donovan responded as he looked at her with a seductive look to his eyes that would help him let her know that he was willing to go beyond the playing around part of things. And to follow her statement to make himself at home, he turned around and while his back was to Mac, he unbuttoned a button on his shirt to show a little of his chest. Because he had a fit body since he worked out more than he dated and that his how he addressed the stress of his mind being fully on all the time. As he turned back around, he help up the bottle of wine.

"Would you want a glass of wine now or save that for after dinner? Steele, stated as he stood in full view of Mac and got an eye full of her exquisite form which made him have a small pulse travel from below his waist to his head.

Mac smiled up at him, "How about having it with dinner if that's alright with you?" She noticed he had undone a button at the top of his shirt allowing it to open slightly, it changed the way the fabric laid over him, showing off a well muscled physique, she could appreciate. She reached out carefully and picked up the upside down wine glasses and walked closer to him, she held the glasses within easy reach of him to pour the wine into, once he opened the bottle. Mackenzie felt his gaze watching her move and it sent pleasant shivers through her, making her wonder what it would be like to kiss him. With anyone else she would have been wary of motives but he had given her no reason to not trust him completely. Besides the fact they had an expected ease of thought sense between them. Attractive, witty, honest, intelligent and caring, he was all that and more, in her opinion though perhaps that made her biased?

This was a new situation for Steele, he had never been alone with a woman in this situation before. His condition was not something even Betazoid women could deal with. Even as a child and teenager, Donovan kept to himself. When he entered Starfleet, he chose a path that would have allowed him to still do a lot of his duties in isolation. Now he was in Operations that required him to grow to do more with others. Now he was also growing as a man. He was feeling a magnetism between Mac and himself as if they were meant to be with one another. He knew the shivers that Mac had just felt also caused him to feel something he had never acted upon before.

As Mac stepped in to present the glasses for filling of the wine, he acted and leaned to kiss the beauty before him. The touch of her lips against his was a new sensation and made him almost drop the bottle of wine as shivers flooded his body. He was making a move that felt right and he hoped he was not overstepping in any manner. But he felt she would be receptive to his boldness.

Mac hmmmed softly an almost purring sound, against Donovan's mouth her lips tingling where they met with his, the glasses in her hands, clinked as she fumbled them, after a moment she set them o the edge of the table and reached up her left hand to lay against his neck near his right ear, her right hand she set lightly on his shirt covered chest over his heart.

Mac's hand on Don's chest made him realize she was open to the move he made and so he manages to set the bottle down and wrapped her in his arms.

~~ Are you okay? ~~ Steele thought to Mac as he knew she should be picking up on it even as they were embraced in a kiss.

Steele knew Mac was into the act as she really melted into the embrace and he knew dinner would be postponed as he lowered them to the sofa to continue the move he initiated.


Lieutenant Mackenzie Graham
CMO, USS Ganymede


Lieutenant Donovan Steele
COO, USS Ganymede


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