Lieutenant Lincoln Diesel

Name Lincoln Diesel

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 200 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall and proportionally built, with short dark hair, and dark blue eyes.


Spouse Julianna Troi (Deceased)
Children Catalina (F, 14), Ford (M, 10, Deceased)
Father Bradley
Mother Claire
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally thoughtful and purposeful in his actions, strong ties to his daughter, his crew, and his mission. Generally, a calming force in the room does not rush to judgment, is fair and balanced in decision making, and teamwork.
Strengths & Weaknesses Excellent planner, great organizer, uses resources effectively, puts family and crew before himself. Sometimes connects the death of his wife and son to Starfleet, can blame Starfleet for their inefficiency and that they can cost lives when it is unnecessary.
Ambitions Wants to be the decision-maker, looks forward to commanding his own ship one day
Hobbies & Interests - Music (Guitar)
- Attending old baseball games on the holodeck
- Chess (but will only play with Catalina)

Personal History Linc's great-grandfather was an officer in Starfleet, as was his father (Stanley). His father was killed in an accidental warp core breach when he was only a boy. Some say the warp core breach was his father's fault, even though Starfleet cleared him of any wrongdoing in the incident.
Linc was recognized as a stellar Starfleet officer while serving as a junior officer on Deep Space 5, where he met Julianna Troi while she was passing through on her way back to Betazed. Julianna, a second-cousin to Deanna, and Lincoln quickly fell in love during her one-week visit to DS5. But because of the distance between them, no further relationship was possible until Julianna and Linc ran into one another while attending a conference hosted on Andoria. Even though the conference only lasted 4 days, the two married while on Andoria. Once married, Julianna moved to DS5 to live with Linc. The two were quickly blessed with a boy (Ford) after a year, and then a girl (Catalina) two years later.

During a late visit to the promenade to enjoy dessert, Julianna and Ford were taken hostage by Naussicaans. They were put aboard the Nausicaan pirate vessel and taken from DS5. The ship was pursued by Federation ships and destroyed in a firefight killing all who were aboard. Linc blames the Federation for their deaths to this day.

Since their deaths, Linc has been known to anger more quickly in the face of Federation red tape when it comes to safety and operations. He has committed himself to the safety, and future of his daughter, Catalina.
Service Record 2366 - Starfleet Academy Graduate
2366 - Assigned to Deep Space 5 in Operations with a specialty in Security.
2367 - Commendation for Operational Efficiency
2368 - Attended Andorian Security Conference
2371 - Commendation for increasing security in cargo bays.
2372 - Promotion to Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
2372 - Temporary Field Assignment, Dominion Conflict
2374 - Commendation for Excellent Performance during Operation: Launch Excaliber by Admiral Jellico
2374 - Commendation for Performance Above the Call of Duty for his actions during the Battle of Sector 0001.
2376 - Returned to Service on Deep Space 5
2376 - Promotion to Lieutenant, given command of Security Squad.
2377 - Served as interim-Security Chief on Deep Space 5
2378 - Promoted to Assistant Operations Officer Deep Space 5
2378 - Family leave granted (death of spouse/child)