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Lieutenant Jel Aozar

Name Jel Aozar

Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Librated Borg Joint Trill
Age Host is 110

Physical Appearance

Height 7'0
Weight 120 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Short blonde hair and a slim body. Grey skin tone and cybernetic implants some on her face and left hand


Spouse Pedm Tolon | Female Trill | Girlfriend
Father Unknown
Mother Govojr Debae
Brother(s) Nytur Debae
14 year's older
Other Family Tamebx Debae
Step Father

Host's & Hostess's family
Captain Kadi Aozar
Daughter to 1st Hostess, Tufs Aozar

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jel spends most time working or practing her combat skills. She goes by the name of rank Aozar or 4 of 13. She isn't used to hearing her fist name at first
Strengths & Weaknesses + Strong
+ Brilliant memorie

- Loes focus sometimes
Ambitions Marry her girlfriend and possibly start a family
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies
Jel likes to box and sometimes swims when she's really stressed.

Command... It's always seemed to call to her but she has plenty of years and hosts to complete it.

Personal History Assimaltion
Before Assimaltion
After Assimaltion

Host's & Hostess
1st Hostess, Rear Admiral Tufs Aozar
2nd Host, Captain Raphael Houston
3rd Host, Captain K'awex Son of K'e'si'qk
4th Host, Master Chief Petty Officer Hector O'Connor
5th Host, Professor Lewis Monroe-Aozar
6th Hostess, Lieuteant Junior Grade Jel Aozar

Jel Debae
Her mother Govojr had an argument with her husband Tamebx and she stormed out and spending time with a male trill she didn't know in his bed...

Tamebx was mad that she cheated she didn't deny it and never shown guilt. They had a son at the time of her birth he was 14 he was proud there was another sibling on its way but didn't know what to say when it wasn't his fathers.

Jel had an ordinary childhood growing up learning and exploring. She completed her education at the age of 16 with A* grades. She applied to the Symbiosis Commission was accepted. Jel always wanted to be joined with a Trill.

Once jointed after the previous hosts and hostess she joined Starfleet at the age of 100 majoring in Security until the battle of sector 001. Resulting in her assimilation

1st Hostess, Rear Admiral Tufs Aozar

Admiral Aozar joined Starfleet in 2267 at the age of 37. She left the Academy majoring in Intelligence and worked in Starfleet Intelligence HQ on Earth for 20 years reaching up the rank of Lieuteant Commander. She was offered command of the USS Johnston NCC-2021, Miranda Class in 2287 she accepted and was given the rank of Commander.

In 2297 she stood down from command only after 10 years leaving Starfleet and starting a cafe. She married and 2 years later they celebrated their first child. But next year Tufus returned to Starfleet in 2300 but always checking up one family whenever she could.

She rejoined with the rank of Captain and given command of the USS Alexandria NCC-1035 Crossfield class. In 2310 she became Task Group Luna Commanding Officer while in control of the Alexandria at the rank of Fleet Captain fulfilling paperwork and scientific work. The starship was decommissioned in 2300 and she was offered the role of Task Force 58 Executive Officer at the rank of Commodore which she accepted and held at Starbase Everest as her Commanding Officer

She spent a year in this position before transferring to Starfleet Council in 2301 as Director of Intelligence a still at the rank of Commodore. The next year, 2302 she again left Starfleet because of the death of her Husband devastated Tufs wouldn't return for some time.

2360, 58 years later her only child left years ago and the cafe went bust a year ago so he made a tough decision of returning to Starfleet. He was welcomed back with opened arms and offered her old job back with the hold not aware of the offer. Tufs said "No" because it was for people who wanted power and nothing else. They respected her choices and offered her the role in Task Force 9 as it's Commanding Officer she took the position and selected her officer on the newly built USS Star Finder Excelsior-refit class.

She held the role until the year 2367. The ship was too far away to aid in the battle of Wolf 359 but after the battle, the Council recalled them to help aid. Upon docking at Starbase 001. She saw the battle and the losses she stormed into the office of the CNC and demanded they appoint her Starfleet Director of Intell. The CNC accepted they both knew they needed her. So Tufus took her old job back with a new rank, Rear Admiral.

in 2373 when the Domiouan war began she started a task group called "Courageous" unknown to the Council. Project Courageous was to go behind enemy lines and take out their leader
The same year (2373) with her power she had a Defiant-class ship created for an intelligence task group. Her team took over the name, USS Courageous.

Tufus was the ship's commanding officer her loyal crew are Captain Raphael Houston (Male Human) Executive Officer & Chief Medical Officer.
Commander K'awex Son of K'e'si'qk (Kligton Male), Chief Engineer and Second Officer.
Chief Petty Officer Hector O'Connor (Humane Male) Chief Intelligence and Chief Security/Tactical Officer.
Petty Officer 3rd class Jose Andersen (Human Female) Chief Flight Control.
Crewmen Rachel Dickson (Human Female) Chief Operations Officer
Professor Lewis Monroe (Kriosian Male) Chief Science Officer.

"Captain's log stardate 97792.87 my crew and I are going to save the Federation by going behind enemy lines and assassinate their political leader... We all agreed to this and we know the risks if we complete our mission but we are members of Starfleet protectors of peace and keeper of technology."
Rear Admiral Tufs Aozar stardate 97792.87.

Admiral Aozar and her crew went through Bajoran Wormhole. Once they were in their space the game was afoot. They had to fight in the area which they did. After the battle was won just by a single escort they engaged the warp drive. Shortly after engaging, it began to overload and reaction systems where offline. Dropped out of lightspeed with no helm control still at high speed within space.
The starship Courageous crashlanded on Azon IV a Class L Artic world.

Upon crashing all senior staff survived part from Rear Admiral Tufs Aozar who ribcage was broken surveil internal bleeding. There was no hope for the Hostess but there was hope for the Symobiant.

2nd Host, Captain Raphael Houston

Captain Houston knew that he could take the Symobiant for only a year. He left control to K'awex and went under the knife.

After the surgery was complete by his medical team it was weird at first but he went straight back to work. The ship wasn't damaged behind repair it would take some weeks. They all pitched in and after some hard weeks, they managed to repair their starship. Tho some had hypothermia cases but they pulled through it.

Back in the air, they had no warp core so they hid in the lower atmosphere and planned an ambush. They made distress to Starfleet and a Dominion ship came to spring the trap. The ship was heavily injured but still had her kick within minutes the Dominion ship was disabled and boarding parties were sent killing all on it and taking the parts they needed. When they returned the Courageous left at maximum impulse power. Once the Dominion warp drive was in place. Engaging at warp speed was a success.

Firstly they needed the location so they left for members of the Dominion doing tasks for them to just get a piece of the puzzle until 6 months later of rinse and repeat. Unlike they completed the puzzle. By this time Captain Houston body was deteriorating he was in a support chair because he couldn't walk anymore regardless of his injuries, he pushed on. They built a plan after preparations they were ready.

It looked simple but wasn't. Bombard the planet while a strike team went down. They all agreed and went for it when in the system they began firing on the planet while a shuttle went down with a strike team. When the landing team set up their transponders everyone transported down onto the planet expect Captain Houston who wasn't any help on the strike team being in a wheelchair. The Dominion thousands of starships into the system they didn't think Starfleet could find them. Raphael did his best but the ship was lost he transported himself into an escape pod.

He watched the ship while he drifted away from it in his wheelchair. They stopped firing on probably to board it and use all the intel but everything had been erased or damaged. They captured Raphael and tortured him. In a Dominion prison, he lost count of the time and never heard anything about his team part from the lies of "they're all dead."

He sat on the bed in his cell listing to phaser fire. They came to his cell he looked up and saw Chief Petty Officer O'Connor and he took Captain Houston back to the Courageous they stole back. The Dominion thought they could repair it and use it.

His First Officer Commander K'awex told him that he had been in there for a year and was taken to sickbay to see how the host body was doing & how left it had. It was only a day left before the body died. They had to act quickly and K'awex offered himself just like he did to Rear Admiral Tufs Aozar

3rd Host, Captain K'awex Son of K'e'si'qk

The cabailty with a Kligon was limited K'awex was joined on 12th of September 2372.
O'Connor became Senior Chief Petty Officer and the First Officer. They both discussed in private about ending this crusade but too many had died and C'manr would be the last to do this task.

They left the planet with only 1% of the crew making the senior staff the last ones left. They spent time looking for Captain Houston and planing. Only a matter of days K'awex host was already deteriorating he refused to have the Symobiant transferred. They had an attack plan just needed bigger phasers they inquired about some but K'awex died in his sleep when O'Connor went to see him finding he was gone and he joined with the Symobiant. With no trained surgeon left they required help from an Alien governmoent

K'awex Son of K'e'si'qk is the shortest host only living 14 days.

4th Host, Master Chief Petty Officer Hector O'Connor

There were only 4 people left including himself. Everyone else died on the siege. It was a tough call but they went home in failure. O'Connor found it hard adjusting to the memories of his former comrades all their ideas and personality all in his mind always caused migraines. He had to command from the Captain's ready room as darkness stopped his head hurting from the lights.

There was an unexplored nebula it was a shortcut. Hector ordered a course through it. Jose Andersen was the new First Officer Chief Helm and pretty much everything else while Lewis Monroe who is still a Civilian reminded Chief Science Officer. It was big but took the journey down by 14 days 3 days in and the ship's systems go haywire exploding Hector ordered backwards at maximum warp speed but the time they exited SCPO Jose Andersen console exploded killing her while O'Connor bleeds internally. The crew was rescued by a freighter. The freighters medical team knew how to transfer a Symobiant but nothing much more. And so that marked the end of the 4th host.

5th Host, Professor Lewis Monroe-Aozar

Now Lewis was all that remained of the team. With the knowledge of engineering from K'awex, he fixed the ship and headed for Federation Space. They exited in the Bajoran Sector and contacted Starfleet. They told him that was sending the USS Highlander, Nebula Class. Lewis was arrested and they towed the Courageous to DS9. While they took him to Trill.

Where he was unjointed and taken to a Federation Prison to which he still remains.
The event was covered up and never spoken of again.

6th Hostess, Lieuteant Junior Grade Jel Aozar

Jel was joint when she was 100 and with her training she coped well with the joining and found that 3 non- trill host aided a trill and took Aozar to complete the mission.

Jel joined Starfleet to stop things like that but during her year at the Academy was the battle of Sector 001 like many of her over classmates they were emergency deployed.
Jel suffered a fate worse than death she was assimilated into the Borg.

This was the year she was liberated from the evil hands of the Borg. The cube just stopped hearing the collective and the YSS Star Finder librated many Borg-like Jel but Jel was the only one that survived the returning.

She remembered everything probably because of the Symobiant but it felt weird for a couple of days. She was allowed to stay on the ship for medical reasons. Afterwards finished adjusting she re-applied to Starfleet and was accepted as a provisional officer.

The Star Finder Chief of Security left Starfleet and the Captain of the Star Finder, Captain Kadi Aozar daughter to Tufs Aozar.

Jel stayed for 2 years as the ships Chief Security Officer under the 1st Hostess's daughter's might. She had her mother in her veins. It was fun to work with under someone you know but she applied elsewhere. All good things must come to an end. Her application to the USS Ganymede was accepted.
Service Record 2382 - Present
USS Ganymede
Chief of Security
Lieuteant Junior Grade (provisional) - Present

2380 - 2382
USS Star Finder - C
Chief of Security
Ensign (provisional) - Lieuteant Junior Grade (provisional)

Librated by the USS Star Finder - C
procured to re-join Starfleet

2372 - 2380
Four of Thirteen, Subordinate Intermediary of Trimatrix 2421

Assimilated during the battle of Sector 001

2372 - 2372
USS Star Finder - A
Security Officer
Cadet Freshmen Grade

Emergency deployment

2372 - 2372
Starfleet Academy
Major Security
Cadet Freshmen
Age 100

Joined with the Aozar Symobiant

2288 - 2372
Symbiosis Commission

After completing schooling (Age 16) applied to Symbiosis Commission ACCEPTED

Born on Earth, Alaska