Lieutenant JG Christopher Scartelli

Name Christopher Anthony Scartelli

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 190
Hair Color black
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Of Italian/Sicilian heritage and descent, Scartelli reflects his Sicilian heritage with a dark olive complexion, his dark hair neatly cropped and gray at the temples. Average height and build, he keeps in shape by routinely walking the perimeter decks of whatever ship he's assigned to.


Spouse Sierra Zemaitis (formerly Scartelli)
Children no children
Father Francis Anthony Scartelli
Mother Laura Nash Scartelli
Brother(s) Peter (37)
Gianni (Johnny) 35
Sister(s) none

Personality & Traits

General Overview A good but not great student at the Academy. He excelled at practical applications and problem solving, but lost interest in warp theory and quantum equations. Scartelli is opinionated, but an excellent listener who can appreciate alternate view points. He's outgoing, generally jovial, and rarely loses his temper. However, when he is pushed past his tolerance he can be loudly expressive, and tends to hold a grudge. He loves music, enjoys cooking and entertaining. His closest friends call him "Scar"...
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: practical, level headed, great sense of humor
Weaknesses: Impatient, can lose his temper,
Ambitions As with most officers, the Captain's Chair is Scartelli's highest aspiration. He even entertains the thought of advancing beyond that to higher Starfleet leadership, but also knows that his ambition is tempered by the perception that he is not as serious as other command-division officers.
Hobbies & Interests Holosuite golf is a big past-time. He also loves cooking, and frequently hosts his team for dinner parties with traditionally prepared (non-replicated) meals. He may be single-handedly credited with keeping the name and music of Frank Sinatra alive 300-plus years after the singer's death.

Personal History Scartelli was married for several years, but competing ambitions drove the couple apart. His former wife, Sierra, is CO of a Scout-class vessel. Scartelli was always supportive of his wife's career, and if he's jealous over her advanced rank, he never lets on. A great regret is that he never had children, but the marriage was too volatile for that to be a good idea.

His family were academicians, his father a professor of history at Stanford, his mother an adjunct professor at Starfleet Academy (teaching advanced mathmatics), but served as Chancellor of California University system. He grew up in Palo Alto, but spent a lot of time in Southern California. He has an affinity for the desert, Lake Tahoe, and other natural wonders. He spent his pre-Academy days in prep-school outside of Florence, Italy. He's fluent in Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, as well as Vulcan.

His parents, now retired, spend most of their time in Italy, and when Scartelli is home on Earth, you'll mostly find him their. He shares his father's love of history, and has explored the history of Earth, the early Federation, and Vulcan in particular, where he was an attache following his graduation from Starfleet Academy
Service Record Scartelli's path as been steady and generally unblemished. He graduated in the top third of his class at Starfleet (a solid B student). He was an Ensign aboard the Resolute, which is starship assigned primarily to diplomatic missions within the core of the Federation. He service there was exemplary, and he was promoted quickly to Lieutenant, remaining aboard the Resolute for an additional year of service beyond his original commission. In that time, he became very close with Earth's Ambassador to Vulcan (some would say TOO close, though gossip of a romantic relationship have never been confirmed). Ambassador Aline Silva, 20 years older than Lt. Scartelli, chose him to be Starfleet Attache to the Earth Embassy on Vulcan. He served in that capacity for 3 years, and was essentially the Ambassador's right hand man. After those three years, he was promoted to Lt. Commander, and assigned a deep space commission (of his choice) and met his future wife, who was EXO aboard the USS ShirKahr. The mission aboard the ShirKahr saw the marriage begin, but following the conclusion of that mission Sierra was offered her own command, while Scartelli, now a full Commander, was given a choice of assignments, none of which coincided with his wife's. She assumed her command, and Scar took a sabbatical, spending a year on Earth with his parents in Italy. This assignment aboard the Ganymede marks his return to Starfleet service.